Captain`s Tavern

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Captain's Tavern (Tawerna Kapitańska Restaurant) refers to the best traditions of Old Polish cuisine and nurtures the local gastronomic heritage. Therefore, for our guests we serve dishes prepared with the use of regional products from the list of traditional products. When visiting our restaurant, you will have the opportunity to try the bread we make, as well as mature beef steaks. We will also serve you fish from our own farm, as well as pork and poultry. The range of flavors will be perfectly complemented by regional drinks.

Chief Cook

Chief Cook Anna Skrażyńska - it is thanks to her extraordinary skills and exceptional culinary artistry that the dishes in the Captain's Tavern gain their extraordinary dimension. For many years, artists have been delighted with its cuisine and it is thanks to the persuasions of cinema, television and stage stars - which convinced her to open a restaurant - that today you have the opportunity to try its unique dishes.


When you step into the Tawerna Kapitańska restaurant, you will feel a truly maritime atmosphere. The atmosphere is built by the interior decorated in marine aesthetics and by the sailing outfits of the staff. However, the level of service is in no way inferior to exclusive ships.

Wine cellar

We offer specially selected wines for our dishes.
The Tavern offers not only delicious dishes, but also a varied wine list. Chilean Escudo Rojo, as well as many others, are just waiting for you.

Organic products

The ingredients used influence the taste of our dishes - we use only regional products from the list of traditional products. Our menu includes maturing beef steaks, as well as mutton, poultry and pork. We will also treat you with bread baked by us, fish and lobsters from our farms, as well as local drinks.

Matured beef

Awareness of the highest quality products, including long-maturing meats, has a solid customer base for which our chef cooks with passion and love.

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Captain`s Tavern
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