Ship parties

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Ship parties

Above all, a boat trip is fun. A boisterous birthday, name-day dance, spicy stag or hen parties are the best opportunity to organize a cruise.
Are you looking for an idea for a party that will be an amazing adventure and will be remembered by golden letters in the memory of guests? Do you want your party to be something original and have an amazing aftertaste? All this will be ensured by our parties on the ship with the chef. During them, you will get a unique chance to have fun until the morning in a crazy rhythm. Intoxicated with the crisp river air, immersed in a dance on the illuminated deck of a ship sailing through the dark night, like the heroes of the films of the famous Balkan director - sounds incredibly attractive, doesn't it?

Amazing evening

We will make this vision a reality for you by organizing unusual, full of live music, dancing stag and hen parties and birthday parties on the ship. Thanks to the cooperation with cabaret and stage artists, we can additionally make the event more attractive with performances of actors or dancers. We will prepare an individual scenario for each event, strictly implementing even the boldest and most innovative ideas that come to your mind.

Culinary compositions

In order to have the strength for a thrilling night, you need to eat properly. Therefore, in addition to the music band and other attractions, we will provide delicious, filling dishes. The menu for the ship is prepared by the Chef of the Captain's Tawerna Anna Strażyńska, who is known for her exceptional craftsmanship and unconventional and delightful culinary compositions. In addition, by choosing our offer, you will also have at your disposal the attractions of Marina Oława, such as boat, car rental and more.